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  • Reaction Samples PDF and Excel Chart – Bullseye Glass

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    This is a PDF of all nearly 3000 samples of glass showing all current (January 2020) reaction samples for Bullseye glass. As well as the PDF showing all the samples of all possible current reactions of Bullseye glass it also contains an excel crib sheet noting all reaction as the possible strength of the reaction.

    This reaction sample document contains 296 pages of 2920 samples, photos showing reactions on Bullseye glass fired to a full fuse for 40 minutes.

    After viewing each sample with the naked eye , we have indicated if a reaction has occurred and how strong that reaction might be, but this is just a guide line for you, you must perform your own testing before using these glasses in a project, different kilns and the amount of venting and number of firings will affect the results.

    Glass Studio DOO does not take any responsibility for the use of this document in projects you are undertaking. We have been as thorough as possible, but may have missed some reactions of perhaps thought there was a reaction when it was not actually there, also sometimes you see a larger reaction when the glass is the top sample as to being the base sample, we want to be clear this is just our observations of how the glass behaves, you must do your own testing.

    In a document of nearly 3000 samples there is a possibility of mistakes, we apologies in advance for any typing errors or other issues you might find.

    Additionally, it has taken many long hours and resources to put together, we are selling it at a very reasonable price and would ask that you only use it for your use in your projects and do not share it with other people.

    Thank you for your consideration – Best wishes – Tabitha

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