Curiouos – Stripy Grey Abstract Flower 15g – 200g


These Stripy Grey Abstract Flower murrine are part of our curious range which is when we pull a murrine we are not 100% happy with and we therefore sell them at 20% discount. All made with 100% Bullseye Glass 90COE. They can either be purchased in approximately 2.5cm cane pieces or 2-4mm slices (for an additional cost) and in 25g 100g or 200g bags. They are between 4mm-8mm in diameter. As with all murrine made using a vitrigraph kiln, you will get different canes from different part of the whole pull, they will all be different and some with have less or no pattern in them, this is how we make them so affordable. 


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Give us a challenge of making a murrine you would like and if we get enough interest we will make it

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Cane 100g, Cane 15g, Cane 200g, Cane 25g, Slices 100g, Slices 15g, Slices 200g, Slices 25g


Black, Red, Grey


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