XL Murrine – French Vanilla and Red Amber Leaves

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These XL murrine are pulled much larger than normal murrine varying in size from 15mm long and 9mm wide. As soon as we have pulled them from the Vitrigraph kiln we put them directly into another kiln for a 4 hour anneal. They are so thick that we have to cut them on the tile saw and we also work each individual chip on a 400 grit diamond disc lap on both sides before we send them out. The photograph of the unfired slices shows a 25g sample. Using a unique process created by Tabitha Burrill at Glass By Tabitha we can now make these detail murrine patterns reminiscent of millefiori at a very affordable price. All made with 100% Bullseye Glass 90COE. They can be purchased in approximately 2-6mm slices in 25g bags.  As with all murrine made using a vitrigraph kiln, you will get different canes and chips from different part of the whole pull including hollow canes, they will all be different and some with have less or no pattern in them, this is how we make them so affordable. 

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Give us a challenge of making a murrine you would like and if we get enough interest we will make it

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